23rd February 2008
New Site design. We hope you like the new look, We do :)

20th February 2010
We've upgraded you! That's right, at no cost to you we have moved to a new host and are now offering you MORE!... More speed, More space, more email addresses and more... well you get the idea, More everything and all at no extra cost to you :)
Basic Package          $5.00 /  Month
Gold Package           $10.00 /  Month
Platinum Package     $15.00 / Month

Custom Packagas available... Call us.
We will be opening a ticket system soon to allow you to use this site to tell us about any problems you are having. In the mean time please send an email to tech@ezpc-solutions.com
100 Mb Space
5 Gb Tranfer
10 E-mail accounts
So Simple it's EZ!

Welcome to EZPC where we believe in simplicity. We don't try to do it all, we aren't a huge corporation but what we do offer is fast, friendly service. We will help you decide what you need to get your business or hobby online fast and with the minimum of fuss. Call us today and let us know how we can help you :)
Web Hosting!
99.97% Server Uptime
500 Mb Space
20 Gb Tranfer
30 E-mail accounts
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